Does this affect your shipments?

Gant.co.uk remains open and we are currently offering free delivery and free returns during this time. Please be aware that our normal delivery times may be affected due to the global outbreak of COVID-19. We kindly ask for your understanding and patience while we prepare your order for delivery. This is to ensure that all of our team members, as well as customers, remain safe. We will update you once your order is ready to be shipped. Please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team at web.customerservice@gant.com with any questions—they’re standing by ready to help.

Will you also be extending your return policy date?

We have extended our return policy from 30 days to 60 days. We kindly ask for your understanding and patience when processing returns, as this can take longer than usual.

Are you still fulfilling online orders?

Our normal delivery times may be affected due to the global outbreak of the Coronavirus. We kindly ask for your understanding and patience while we prepare your delivery. We will update you once your order is scheduled to be shipped.

Have you closed any stores?

At the moment we have closed stores in several of our markets as we are following the development and advice from the World Health Organisation and local authorities. This is a constantly changing situation so for information regarding a specific store, please reach out to our customer service team at web.customerservice@gant.com.

Why are some stores still open?

At the moment many of our stores across the globe are closed for the foreseeable future. Those that remain open are closely following the advice from local government health authorities but may close soon due to the rapidly changing situation. Because local guidelines vary from country to country across the world, it is best if you reach out to our customer service team directly for information regarding a specific store. Please email web.customerservice@gant.com.

Questions about GANT membership

Who can become a GANT member?

Membership is open to anyone who is 16 years of age or older.

Does the membership cost anything?

No, the membership is entirely free.

How do I become a member?

You can become a member online at gant.co.uk/join, in our stores, including our outlets or by contacting customer service.

What do I get when I become a member?

Our membership programme is tailored to those who share our passion for the perfect shirt and who live by our motto: Never Stop Learning. Stylish purchases and curiosity earn you points, and you get access to benefits that keep your shirts and your brain in trim. Click here to review all benefits, gant.co.uk/join.

How do I get the 10% welcome discount?

The 10 percent welcome discount is added automatically to your next purchase online or choose when you would like to use it in-store. The offer ends on the 3rd of June 2019.

Will I receive a membership card from GANT?

No, your membership is digital and you use your email or mobile number to register purchases in-store. To earn points on purchases online you need to log in or use the same email that you signed-up with when completing the order.

How do I log in to My GANT at gant.co.uk?

If you become a member in-store you need to request a new password on gant.co.uk by clicking on My GANT and then "Member from store and signing in for the first time”. This generates an email with a link to a page where you select a new password. While you are logged in you can shop, see how many points you have, check your bonus, review your benefits, and much more. On the site you can also edit your details and select what sort of communication you want to receive from GANT.

For how long am I member?

You retain your membership for 24 months after your most recent membership purchase at GANT. After this period, your membership expires automatically. You can terminate your membership at any time. Information regarding your purchases is removed after 36 months.

How do I terminate my membership?

You can terminate your membership at any time by contacting customer service. Your membership automatically expires when you do not register a membership purchase for 24 months.

How does GANT use my data?

GANT follows EU law and recommendations related to the handling of personal information and other data. For full details of our terms and conditions, click here (link to terms and conditions). When you become a member of GANT, you accept our membership terms and conditions, and you will be informed of any changes to them.

What if I don’t want to receive emails from GANT?

Log in to gant.co.uk and select which mailings you want under "Communication preferences". You can also drop in to one of our stores and ask staff for help, or contact web.customerservice@gant.com. If you shop at gant.co.uk, you will, however, always receive information about your order via email.

May I combine membership offers with other promotions?

Read about specific terms and conditions under respective offers.

Can I become a member in other countries?

As a member of GANT UK, you also have the option of extending your membership to include other countries. At present, this means that you can extend your membership to Sweden, and can earn points for purchases made there. To become a GANT member in Sweden, you need to accept the terms and conditions that apply to purchases made in stores in Sweden and at gant.se. Membership purchases made in other markets earn points that count towards your overall membership level. This means that if you are, for example, Platinum Level in the UK, you will automatically become Platinum Level in Sweden. You will also be able to take advantage of membership offers in Sweden if you extend your membership there. Bonuses are managed locally by country markets, so bonuses can only be used in country markets where they have been issued.

Points and bonuses

How do I earn points?

  1. Purchases. When you shop at gant.co.uk, or in one of our own stores, you get 10 points for every £1 you spend. Certain products on special offer earn you double points. To ensure you earn points, don’t forget to tell staff that you are a member each time you shop. You can do this on gant.co.uk by logging in prior to placing your order, and in-store by login through our iPad or providing your email to staff.
  2. Never Stop Learning. As a member, you will have the chance to engage in activities that help you and us to look at the world in new ways. For example, you will be able to earn points if you enter competitions, rate products, or simply get insights into what inspires us. You can currently earn up to 2,000 extra points a year.

How do I get bonuses?

When you earn 2,500 points, you get a £5 bonus to spend in-store, including our outlets or at gant.co.uk. Bonuses are calculated based on the points you collect during a rolling 24-month period. Bonuses are added to your membership and may be used when you log in to gant.co.uk, or identify yourself as a member in-store. To ensure nobody else uses your bonuses, store staff may ask to see some form of ID before you are able to use your bonus. Bonuses are valid for 12 months.

Can I redeem my bonus in other countries?

Bonuses are managed locally by country markets, so bonuses can only be used in country markets where they have been issued.

How do I know how many points until I reach my next bonus?

You can see this in the emails you receive from us, or when you log in as a member at gant.co.uk. You can also visit our stores to receive information about your balance.

How quickly may I access my points?

When you shop in store, your points are activated 30 days after your purchase. When you shop at gant.co.uk, your points are activated 30 days after an order has been shipped. Your points must be activated before they can be used as bonuses, or take you to a higher level. Earned points from purchases at gant.co.uk are shown once orders have been shipped.

When are my points no longer valid?

Your bonus-based points are valid for 24 months after you have earned them. This means that points lose validity successively. When you reach 2,500 points, your oldest earned points always become bonuses first.

How long is my bonus valid?

Your bonus is valid for 12 months from the date that it is created. We will remind you in good time before your bonuses expire.

Why have I not received points for my purchase?

To earn points you must shop at one of GANT’s own stores, franchise-stores, our outlets, or at gant.co.uk. Furthermore, you must also register your purchase as a membership purchase. You do this by providing your email or mobile number when you buy in store. When you shop at gant.co.uk, you need to log in or enter the email you used to register your membership. Your points are activated 30 days after the purchase date. Points form purchases made at gant.co.uk do not appear on your account until your order have been shipped.

Do I earn points when I shop GANT at other retailers?

No, you only earn points when you shop at one of GANT’s own stores, including our outlets or at gant.co.uk.

I forgot to mention my membership for a purchase and did not earn any points. Is it possible to register points retroactively?

Yes, you can register points within 30 days of a purchase if you have your receipt and you were a member when the purchase was made. Drop into a GANT store or contact web.customerservice@gant.com and we’ll be happy to help you.

May my partner and I collect points together?

No, your membership is specific to you, and the points you earn belong to you. However, naturally, you and your partner may choose to register all your purchases to either one of you. In this case, the person who has all purchases registered to them may use bonuses and get access to membership benefits and special offers.

What are "My points"?

"My points" are the points that you have collected in the past 12 months. The number of points you collect determines your membership level. These level-based points are not negatively affected when bonuses are created; rather, they reflect how many points you earn overall.

What does "Points until next bonus" mean?

This is the number of points you need to earn to get a new bonus.

What happens if I return an item?

If you return an item, you lose the points that you earned from the original purchase. If you exchange an item for another, you lose the points for the returned item, but you earn new points for the new item.

What happens if I have paid for an item with my bonus and then I later return it?

You get back the equivalent bonus used at the time of purchase.

Levels and benefits

Does everyone get the same benefits?

No. The more you buy, the more points you earn, and when you have earned a certain number of points during a 12-month period you advance to a higher level with more benefits. Gold: 0 – 9,999 points; Platinum: 10,000 points – 29,999 points; Diamond: 30,000 points or more.

How long do I keep my level?

When you reach a level, you retain that level for at least 12 months, or until you reach a higher level. Upgrades to higher levels are made immediately. When you have been at your current level for 12 months, a new calculation is made of your points earned in the past 12 months. This determines which level you are on. This can result in a potential downgrade if you fail to earn sufficient points during the year.

Do I lose my level if I use my bonus to make a purchase?

No. Your level is not affected if you use your bonus.

What benefits do I get on Gold level?

On Gold level you have access to a variety of benefits:

Points and bonus:

  • We take earning style points literally. You get a point for every £1 you spend at GANT – points that can be changed into bonuses to shop with.

  • Every £1 you spend at GANT gives you 10 points. When you have collected 2,500 points, you receive a £5 bonus that you can use in store or online. You earn points through purchases in one of our stores, or when you shop at gant.co.uk. You might also earn points from everything from quizzes to answering surveys, which means you reach bonuses quicker. Always provide your email when you shop, so that you can get your points.

  • Points are activated 30 days after your purchase, and are subsequently valid for 24 months. Bonuses are valid for 12 months.

Complimentary Coffee:

  • Catch your breath, have a free cup of coffee while visiting selected stores.– relax and enjoy while we select items that will take you from stressed to dressed in no time. Available in selected stores only.

Free Shipping:

  • Shopping at gant.co.uk is quick and easy as a member. You can now enjoy free standard shipping on all your purchases at gant.co.uk. When you place your next order, the shipping charges will be automatically revoked at checkout.

Early Access:

  • As a member, you get to attend unique previews, and get priority access to our exclusive sales and shopping days.

Exclusive Offers:

  • As a member, you get access to unique offers. Smart shopping at its best. Available promotions: New members enjoy 10% off their first purchase and free shipping for all members.

What benefits do I get on Platinum level?

On Platinum level you have access to all the benefits available to Gold members, plus some more:

Platinum 20:

  • Once a year, we offer you 20% off an entire purchase. If you shop online, the reduction is made automatically when you log in as a member, and in store you simply inform a member of staff and they do the rest. This offer is valid once a year and for each member, as long as you are on Platinum or Diamond levels. This offer may not be combined with other promotions.

Alteration Service:

  • Attention to detail makes the difference. As a member you have the option of adjusting your trouser length to perfection. Free of charge, of course.

Never Stop Learning with GANT:

  • Broaden your horizons and learn something new. On Platinum level, you will receive exclusive invitations to exciting events. It’s first-come-first-served, so keep a look out for those invites!

What benefits do I get on Diamond level?

At Diamond level, you get all the benefits of Gold and Platinum levels, plus:

My Iconic GANT Shirt:

  • We want to give you something that is close to our heart: an iconic GANT shirt. Come into one of our stores, and select your favourite shirt from a limited range.

Walk Out Hands-Free:

  • We deliver your new purchases to your home,office, or your hotel anywhere within the UK. GANT delivers your shopping from our Regent Street store. Only available in our Regent Street store.

What benefits do I get on Selected by GANT level?

  • For every £1 spent with us you will collect 10 points.
  • For every 2,500 points you collect, you will receive a £5 bonus.
  • 50% off all of your full-price purchases made at GANT stores and at gant.co.uk.
  • Unlimited free standard and next day delivery.
  • Complimentary delivery service from our London Regent Street store.